How Ultimate Divaz Works

Ultimate Divaz will span over a course of 3 months, running from the beginning of January to the end of March.

The approach will be as follows: On the 1st of January we will post the 1st round of models for voting. At the end of three weeks, we will take down the bracket to prepare for the 2nd round that will post for voting on the 1st of February.  After week 3 in February, we will then take the bracket down again and get ready for the first of our finals bracket at round 3 or as well call it, the "SEXY 16". Once the 2nd round has been voted on and locked in, we will then set everything up for the finals to be held somewhere exotic each year like the Bahamas.
During finals week, the models will participate in various photo shoots, events and live interviews. All the while, all of this will be broadcast and streamed live at  Each day we will host another round of the bracket and people can tune in and vote live...

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